About John, Many Hats, & This Blog

A little personal, a little professional . . . a place to try out some different kinds of thinking.

My Card

My Card

Me?  I’m a copywriter, a technical writer (really just a writer, but business people like labels), a jazz musician (recently hitting it and growing fast as a jazz player), a teacher, a capable business consultant, and a chef.

Why so many hats? I just don’t see any reason to stop at any one thing I’m good at!!!  And, the thing that turns me on is helping people get where they’re going in life

What does all that mean?  That means I can help you find exactly what’s great about what you do as a business (or other organization), build marketing and sales strategies to let everybody (or just the people you want) know about it–including writing targeted ads that help you sell, and it means I write general copy that you can reuse anywhere that clearly elucidates exactly what you do and why people should buy from you;   it means I play written and improvised music (in a jazz quartet, big band, and other ensembles) that can help set the tone for your event, party, wedding reception, festival, or what-have you;  it means I’ll enjoy teaching you the basics of playing the clarinet or saxophone, teaching you how to improve as a horn player, and maybe teach you some secrets (yes, secrets) I’ve learned about improvising jazz and performing;  It means I can help you understand your business from an outsider’s perspective and help you decide exactly what it is you do and why, then, step-by-step, exactly what to do about it (how to make the damned thing work and make you money–even when you’re not there, for instance); and finally, it means I  can cook for you or teach you how to cook (for your big, last minute dinner party, or just the sous-chef work so all of your meals this week take you 10 minutes to prepare when you get home from work).

My passions?  All of the above (professionally); then personally . . . the driving forces: GOD | my faith;  my family: Mrs. C., Kim & Stewart & Ryan & Miss Mags ( I think I love her Mom just as much, but Miss Mags is a hoot [if you read this blog, you’ll see]]!!!);  Key West Jazz Quartet and theJazzhaus Big Band (and the other musicians in these groups that let me grow along with them) . . . it’s my therapy!;  developing a deep and effective understanding of business in America (sounds strange to say, but) and learning how important business success is to our collective well-being.

P.S. No, I’m not the guy on my card (I get that a lot): This is me pre-beard (about 10 years ago) and post- beard (last Tuesday ;~}):

John Childers
John, Pre-beard.

John Childers
John Post-beard


5 Responses to “About John, Many Hats, & This Blog”

  1. David C. Says:

    Can you help me with my resume’?

  2. John Says:

    I’d be happy to–I’ll take a look and give you some pointers gratis. If you’d like a complete revision with new layout, etc. I’ll need to charge a bit–probably just a couple of hours of time.

  3. Amber Fraley Says:

    Would you explain to me what “technical writing” is sometime? I’ve been a writer for oh so many years now, but I honestly don’t know what that entails or if my brain would even comprehend it.

    • John Says:

      It’s a broad term covering everything from those ridiculous “Japlish” instructions for setting up your stereo to documenting the deepest darkest code in a software codebase. Ideally, it uses concise, clear, unadorned language to convey factual information. Think software or product user guides and manuals, assembly instructions, product specifications and “cut sheets.” But also things like the project I’m working on later today: preparing a submittal for technical training programs to a state for accreditation.

  4. Joy Says:

    Where’s the part about Miss Mags?

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